Electrical  Insulation Tapes
Electrical Insulation Tapes are well known for their good thermal performance. Good bonding attribute and high voltage enduring performance are some of their main aspects. These are used for electrical wiring and degaussing jobs.
Packaging Tapes
Packaging Tapes are used for airtight and moisture proof sealing of cartons. Acrylic or water based glue of these tapes have strong bonding properties that ensure proper sealing of cardboard boxes meant for bulk material packaging.
Industrial Tapes
This range of Industrial Tapes is well known for its excellent thermal insulation level. These impact proof tapes can effectively resist flame. Due to their wide temperature enduring capacity, such tapes can be used for refrigeration systems, heating equipments etc.
Tapes For Garments Fabric Industries
Tapes For Garments Fabric Industries are accessible in different sizes. Free from toxic content, such tapes are effective in securing various accessories of clothes like hooks. Made of premium grade raw materials, these tapes are cost effective.
Tapes For Paper & Printing Industries
Paper sensitive adhesive based Tapes For Paper & Printing Industries are scratch proof and have good thermal insulation attributes. These water proof tapes are effective for long lasting bonding of paper based materials like gift wrapper.
Tapes For Building & Construction
Tapes For Building & Construction are used in plumbing jobs to avoid leakage from pipelines.  Pressure sensitive adhesive of these tapes improves their bonding strength. Developed from non toxic grade raw materials, these tapes can be removed easily without leaving stain mark.
Tapes For Shoe Industries
Tapes For Shoe Industries offered by us are made of non woven and nylon materials. These tapes are free from harmful chemicals and are known for having good adhesive strength. These are moisture proof and water protected.
Marking tapes
Rubber adhesive based marking tapes are useful to indicate hazard prone areas or place with high security level. These tapes use pressure sensitive adhesive with good bonding performance. These tapes can be used at 28 degree C temperature.

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